7 Things to Clean Before Winter

7 Things to Clean Before Winter

Publish on December 4, 2020 By skephome
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7 Things to Clean Before Winter

During the winter, cleaning becomes especially difficult. Performing deep cleans can be challenging with the colder temperatures and limited sunlight.

Winter cleaning is difficult because it requires more time and effort to remove stains properly. Not to mention, these tasks have to be repeated daily, since more salts, puddles, and slush accumulates.

However, there are home cleaning services available, such as the ones offered by Skep Home. The Skep Home app helps alleviate stress by offering instant cleanings where a cleaner will be at your home in 60 minutes or less. When you book through the app, we send out a call to professional and reliable cleaners in your area who can be there right away. We are the only app to offer both instant and scheduled home cleaning services.

Get the dirt out of your home so you can stay cozy and comfortable in a clean space. Read on for our list of the top seven things to clean before winter. 

Oven and Stove

Winter is the time for delicious home cooking that requires the oven. Think roasts, Thanksgiving dinner, lasagnas, cakes, and more. You would not want to bake the smell of leftover food into your cooking, so make sure to give your oven a thorough cleaning. Give your stove and stove fan a good cleaning as well to get rid of grease buildup. 

Oven cleanings can be added as an extra service on the Skep Home app. Skep Home’s standard home cleaning services include a studio apartment and bathroom, but you can add as many extra services as you would like to your booking. We will provide you with a house cleaning estimate so you can choose a service that falls within your budget. Our home cleaning services allow for customization so you get the cleaning you want, every time.

Register vents

Before heading into winter, you will want to look at your heating registers. The layer of dust can affect your energy bills, as well as your health. Remove the vents and wash them to make sure they are working properly. Take note of any cracks or warping that can prevent heat from coming into the rooms of your house properly. Allow the vents to dry before putting them back in place. 


Even though it is cold outside, it is important to keep windows clean during the winter. Salt, snow, and ice all leave a layer of dirt on windows and can prevent sunlight from shining through. Some estimates say that a dirty window can cut sunlight by as much as 20%! However, you do not want to be outside in the cold trying to clean your windows, which is why it is imperative that you get this task done before winter. 

Carpets and area rugs

Canadian winters are known for heavy snowfall, freezing rain, and ice. Typically salt is laid on most outdoor surfaces to melt away the snow and keep people from slipping. However, the salt can be detrimental to indoor floors. 

Bits of salt get transferred from boots onto floors and carpets. These create unsightly stains that can be tough to remove. And since this repeats every day, cleaning the rugs can be a daunting task.

To keep up the cleanliness of your carpets and area rugs, you can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly home cleaning services on the Skep Home app. This way you won’t have to worry about stains or dirt or put up with the elbow grease required to get those stains out. If you have any other special care instructions, the Skep Home app comes with a messaging system in the app where you can communicate with the cleaner directly. 

Ceiling fans

A pro tip for cleaning is to start at the top of the house and work your way down. This can be applied in each room by cleaning the ceiling fans before moving lower. The large blades are dust magnets when they are not turned on. You usually can’t see all of the dust because it is so high up. 

An easy way to clean ceiling fans is to take an old pillowcase and cover the blade. Then pull it gently to remove the dust. This trick keeps the dust inside the pillowcase so it won’t spill all over the floor and furniture.


Decluttering can easily be done by moving from room to room and gathering all of your linens for the washing machine. This includes bedsheets, rugs, pillow covers, and shower curtains. Once you’ve removed all linens, you can work on decluttering your home by picking up any stray objects. Having a clean home also means having an organized home, and if everything is in its proper place, your home will actually become easier to keep clean during the winter.

Garbage cans and wastebaskets

While the weather is still decent, it is a good idea to take out your garbage cans and clean them thoroughly. Take the wastebaskets outside so you can spray them with a garden hose before adding a disinfectant. Let the cans sit for an hour before pouring it out and scrubbing the insides. Rinse again and let them dry in direct sunlight if possible. 

Contamination from other sources is a serious issue. Skep Home cleaners only use your cleaning supplies to prevent cross-contamination between houses. Our home cleaning services are healthier and you’ll feel safe knowing your home isn’t coming into contact with foreign bacteria or allergens.

Home Cleaning Services in the Winter

With all of these things, you may find you need help from a reliable home cleaning service. Keeping your home clean during the winter months can be difficult. Fortunately, hiring home cleaning services can alleviate your stress. Skep Home can help you this winter by providing home cleaning services such as bedroom and bathroom cleanings, as well as extras such as oven cleaning. You can also ask your cleaner directly for tips to ensure that your home stays clean during winter. Download the app and get ahead on your cleaning.

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