How to Book More House Cleaning Jobs?

How to Book More House Cleaning Jobs?

Publish on August 10, 2020 By skephome
How to Book More House Cleaning Jobs

How to Book More House Cleaning Jobs?

Booking house cleaning jobs can be rewarding, but extremely stressful. Cleaning services are in high demand, but you may find that the competition is fierce with several companies.

When trying to book more house cleaning jobs, it can be difficult to determine the steps you need to take. How can you position your cleaning services for growth? What are the channels you need to utilize to schedule consistent business and repeat clients? How can you prepare yourself for the demands of an expanded workload? 

In this article, you will find the answer to those questions and more. We break down how to book more house cleaning jobs by attracting, converting, and nurturing clients. As a bonus, we will show you how everything can be achieved using Skep Home’s cleaning service app. 

Begin With Your End Goal in Mind

Set goals for your business that are specific and measurable. How many hours do you want to work in house cleaning jobs? How many more customers do you want to add to your client base? Figure out the answers to these questions, along with a timeline for when you want to achieve these goals.

An easy way to keep track of your goals is to have an app that displays these metrics for you. Skep Home is a cleaning service app that features an earnings dashboard for cleaners. The dashboard has information on your scheduled house cleaning jobs, the hours you are set to work, and how much you are being paid for each booking. Skep Home provides this information at a glance so you can plan out how much you want to work.

The Skep Home dashboard gives you real-time information so you can see how much you are set to make that month. The best part is that your schedule is set by you. Depending on how much you want to work, you can set your availability for as many hours as you prefer. 

Now that you have specific goals in mind, as well as a tool that can help you track these goals, it is time to put them into action.

Join a Cleaning Service App

The cleaning industry has several reputable apps that you can use to market your services. Joining a cleaning service app provides plenty of benefits including training, brand recognition, marketing support, and more. 

As mentioned above, using the Skep Home app allows you to see a dashboard and keep track of your clients, house cleaning jobs, and earnings. Other benefits include access to a database of clients in your preferred working area. Skep Home not only lets you choose when but where you want to work.

The Skep Home app has both scheduled and instant cleaning jobs available. An instant cleaning is when a homeowner in your area needs cleaning right away. You show up at their home in 60 minutes or less and complete the job. This option is perfect when you are looking to make extra earnings. You are in charge of whether you will accept an instant cleaning job, so there is no added pressure. 

Schedule Your Time Efficiently

Staying organized is an important factor when trying to book more house cleaning jobs. If you want a steady flow of clients, you need to carefully schedule current customers. Getting your organization on point early also helps in the future, when business picks up. Even with an added influx of new customers, you will have the skills to organize your time efficiently. 

The Skep Home app has a calendar that tracks all of your upcoming house cleaning jobs. Client information such as their name and photo, their location, and the services they require can be seen on the calendar. You can also sync the Skep Home calendar to your phone’s calendar, so you won’t miss an appointment.

To keep you on time, the app also calculates the fastest route between your scheduled job on a particular day. We provide a map that will guide you to each appointment. Clients can see this map too, so they know where you are at any given moment. 

Establishing a great relationship with clients is the key to steady business flow. Show them you value their time, and they will trust you to clean their homes again and again. 

Build a Reputation

The growth of your client base depends on your ability to gain trust, generate repeat customers, and earn new ones. Building a reputation can ease any doubts in a homeowner’s mind, and show them that you consistently perform top-quality cleaning services. 

Skep Home’s app can help with gaining trust from homeowners. The Skep Home app shows the last homeowner they had, so they see a familiar face and are more likely to request the same cleaner. Homeowners also have the option of Favoriting a cleaner, who they can book when they are available. 

Homeowners from your previous house cleaning jobs have a chance to rate your services, and new homeowners can see your rating. As well, we offer rewards to cleaners whose rating is above 4.7 stars.  

Skep Home designates the title of Super Cleaners to those who have performed a certain number of cleanings each month and consistently earn high ratings from homeowners. Homeowners who see a Super Cleaner symbol beside your name will know that you have the experience and skills necessary for outstanding work.

Sell More Services to Existing Customers

Acquiring new customers is a must, but it should not be at the cost of your existing customers. Often, there is an opportunity to upsell more cleaning services to current clients. All you have to do is ask.

Skep Home makes rebooking and adding extra services easy on the app. Homeowners can choose what they would like, with a basic cleaning being a studio apartment and bathroom. However, the homeowner can add on as many bedrooms, bathrooms, and extra services such as laundry or oven cleanings, as they would like. The price changes in real-time, so they can find an option that suits both their needs and budget.

Skep Home has a messaging feature that allows you to chat directly with the homeowner about the scheduled cleanings. Here you can know more about their expectations, and whether they would like extra services. Particularly if they have made you their Favourite cleaner, you can encourage some added services to go above and beyond.

It can be easy to focus so much on the cleaning that you forget about marketing your services. Luckily, Skep Home takes care of marketing for you with our messaging interface, our Favourite a Cleaner feature, as well as automatically matching you with homeowners in your area.

Book More House Cleaning Jobs With Skep Home

Following the steps in this article will help you book more cleaning jobs while giving you the freedom to be in control of your own time and money. 

The great news is Skep Home saves you the trouble of completing each step by providing:

  • A large client database
  • Earnings dashboard
  • Interactive scheduler
  • Job route mapping
  • Cleaner profile with ratings
  • Messaging interface between homeowners and cleaners
  • And more!


To see the features mentioned above in action, download the Skep Home app available on the App Store and Play store. Get started and find homeowners looking for cleaners in your area.

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