How Can You Find Local Cleaning Jobs Easily In Your Neighborhood?

How Can You Find Local Cleaning Jobs Easily In Your Neighborhood?

Publish on December 9, 2020 By skephome
Find Local Cleaning Jobs

How Can You Find Local Cleaning Jobs Easily In Your Neighborhood?

Starting a professional cleaning business can be a great way to utilize your skills and earn extra money on the side.

It can even eventually turn into a full-time job if you schedule enough bookings over the long term. Now you may be wondering where you should begin, and while there are simple steps such as choosing your cleaning supplies, figuring out transportation between locations, or deciding your fee and payment options, often the hardest part is finding jobs. 

Similar to when you are conducting any other job search, finding cleaning jobs in your area can be done with a simple Google search.

These types of results will give you a place to begin, offering some general ads or links to other job boards where potential clients are looking to hire a professional cleaning service.

You may also choose to self promote your cleaning services online, or in person, making use of word of mouth connections and paid ad placements.

No matter which option you go with, there are plenty of available opportunities out there, the key is knowing where to look. 

Learn about the top five places you can find local cleaning jobs easily, and start building your professional cleaning services business today.

Sign up with an app

Yes, you heard it correctly, there are in fact apps for that!

There are apps available online designed to connect professional cleaners with potential clients.

The purpose of these applications is to offer cleaning professionals and homeowners a platform to connect, making it easier for everyone to schedule bookings.

Often operating similar to apps such as Uber, the professional cleaners can register as independent contractors, utilizing the app’s built-in client database and scheduling tools to effectively grow their business. 

The Skep Home app allows cleaners to find work in their preferred area, providing access to a large database of clients, direct in-app payments, and interactive interfaces that make the whole process as simple as possible. 


Check job ads

Job banks such as Kiji, Indeed, and Craigslist are great resources to find a wide range of jobs.

You usually have two options, first, you can choose to post your ad promoting your services directly to clients online and be in charge of the marketing entirely. This option may help you reach a wider range of homeowners looking for professional cleaners because they span across multiple different regions. 

Besides, you can also apply directly to existing job postings made by homeowners who require professional cleaning services. Doing this would allow you to be more selective with the location of your bookings, as well, you may be able to select jobs that require specific skill sets you offer. 


Use word of mouth

There is no better network than your immediate circle of existing connections.

When looking for cleaning jobs, start by reaching out to the people around and utilize the word of mouth system. Leveraging your connections will help you build a strong, trustworthy client base from scratch. 

We live in the age of social media and online self-promotion.

Start producing content around your professional cleaning services and have people in your online networks share it wherever possible. The further the news spreads about your cleaning services, the more likely you will become to schedule more bookings. 


Network to create business relationships

Building relationships with industry leaders is one of the best ways to start connecting with clients.

Find opportunities to network with real estate agents, building managers, property owners, and/or leasing agents who can introduce you to a wide range of homeowners. You must promote your professional cleaning services directly to individuals who can either benefit from them or know people who will. 

Review your network to find out if there is anyone you already know working in the industry, or perhaps someone who could make an introduction. 


Check newspaper and/or classifieds

The newspaper may feel a bit old school, but even with everything going online it is still a great source for finding job postings.

Wherever you get your news from, whether it’s social media, newspapers, or online magazines, start following their business sections. These are often one of the easiest ways to connect with clients who are looking for professional cleaning services.

Also, consider reviewing the local classifieds, or visiting a nearby community center where homeowners may post advertisements looking to hire local professional cleaners. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to building your client base.


Find local cleaning jobs easily with Skep Home

Finding cleaning jobs in your area is often difficult and time-consuming.

If you are having a hard time establishing a client base, want to improve your odds of finding work in your area, and want access to interactive scheduling that will make scheduling your bookings easier, then you should consider registering for a cleaning app service. 

Skep Home is a reputable and affordable cleaning services app available in downtown Toronto and the GTA.

We want to help local professional cleaners connect with homeowners in their area more easily.

We offer a large database of clients and provide standard home cleanings with a flexible schedule. To learn more about how you can start booking cleaning jobs in your area, download the Skep Home app.

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