How to Get the Most Value from a Home Cleaning Services App

How to Get the Most Value from a Home Cleaning Services App

Publish on April 4, 2019 By skephome
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How to Get the Most Value from a Home Cleaning Services App

To get a professional cleaner from a home cleaning services app who has the experience and training necessary to make your home shine, you often have to pay for it.

Depending on your definition of an experienced and reliable cleaner, hiring a cleaning company usually satisfies homeowners looking for a cleaner they can depend on. A cleaning company typically employs cleaners who do a thorough job consistently and have gone through training and background checks, ensuring your home is in professional hands.

On the other hand, hiring an independent cleaner is easier on your wallet, but may not produce the results you would expect from a quality home cleaning services app.

Skep Home combines the reliability and security homeowners get when they hire a cleaning company with the affordable cost and personal attention found in independent cleaners.

Below we take you through the steps to gaining the most value from a home cleaning, and how the home cleaning services app Skep Home makes it easier to find professional cleaners in your neighbourhood.

Plan ahead


Typically when thinking about hiring a cleaning service, you need to plan out weeks in advance. Several cleaning companies will have regular clients who take up coveted appointment times, so if you only have a small window of time for a cleaning you may be out of luck. Booking your first appointment may even take a few days, and this can be worse still around the holidays when people want their homes to look their best.

Skep Home helps alleviate that stress by offering instant cleanings where a cleaner will be at your home in 60 minutes or less. When you book through the app, we send out a call to professional and reliable cleaners in your area who can be there right away. Homeowners also have the option to book weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments in advance.

Another way to be prepared for your cleaning is to do some organizing around your house. Although it sounds odd to clean before your cleaner arrives, you’ll actually be getting the most value out of your booking. Learn more about what to do before your cleaner arrives here.

Get trusted recommendations


Ask your friends and family if they have a person or company that they trust and see if their services match up with your needs.

With an individual cleaner, you will have to take them at their word that they are qualified. On the other hand, cleaning companies often perform background checks on their cleaners. But while family members and friends can recommend a cleaning company, you won’t know much about the cleaner until they arrive at your home.  

Skep Home adds a new level by first matching you with a cleaner working in your area. Then, after you have confirmed your booking, you can see the cleaner’s profile which shows ratings from other homeowners. Skep Home’s method offers you more information on your cleaner so you know who will be cleaning your home.

Use online resources


If your friends and family do not have a regular cleaning service, or if they’ve had poor experiences in the past, your next option is to search online. This may take a bit of time because although there are plenty of cleaners and companies out there, you won’t know for sure if they have exactly what you need.

You can search for “house cleaning” and your city name, and this will help narrow the search for cleaners. Usually, the results also yield Yelp or Google reviews, allowing you to see what people in your area have to say about the cleaner or company.  

Instead of having to search for cleaning companies in your area, the instant cleaning option on the Skep Home app will automatically match you with cleaners in your neighbourhood. The app also has a feature for instant bookings that only allows cleaners to book appointments in close proximity, reducing the chance of late start times or bad moods from being stuck in traffic.

Know all of their service offerings


An important step in hiring a cleaning service or cleaner is to determine which services they offer. What does basic cleaning include? How much detail is put into cleaning your home? Which services are considered extra? And how much do these extra services cost?  

Overall, you should look for a personalized experience, and not a one-cleaning-style-fits-all service. As we mentioned before, each homeowner and home are different, therefore each cleaning should be slightly different according to the homeowner’s needs. Get a cleaner who can do the work you want them to do, yet still, stay consistent with the quality of their job.

The Skep Home app lets you choose what you’d like included in your service. The basic cleaning is a studio apartment and bathroom, but you can add on as many bedrooms, bathrooms and extra services such as laundry or oven cleanings, as you’d like. The price will change in real-time, so you can find an option that suits both your needs and your budget.

Understand who you’re hiring from a home cleaning services app


Letting a cleaner into your home can be uncomforting, especially if you will not be home during the cleaning. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make sure you know that the cleaner has the required skills and a good reputation, as you deserve to know and trust the person cleaning your home.

Skep Home has vetted cleaners who have all undergone background checks. In addition, all cleaners must keep their ratings from homeowners above a 4.3, or they are suspended from the app. This way, you’re always getting a cleaner who consistently produces exceptional results.

The Skep Home app also shows cleaners who have previously come to your home, letting you book the same cleaner as much as possible.

Be clear with your cleaning instructions


Cleaning a home may seem like a straightforward task, but because each homeowner has a different idea of cleanliness, as well as different methods for cleaning, the best action is to leave clear instructions.

One way to differentiate between what you’d like cleaned versus what should be left alone is to walk through your home with the cleaner. Let them know which areas to focus on and how you’d like the appointment to be spent. If you don’t have time for that, no worries! Just send them a message on the home cleaning services app Skep Home and list out what you’d like done. You’ll be messaging them directly, so you know your information is relayed to the right person.

Know where they get their cleaning supplies


While looking to hire a cleaning service or independent cleaner, one distinction to look at is whether they use their own cleaning supplies or ask you to supply your own.

The home cleaning services platform Skep Home uses the homeowner’s cleaning supplies to lower the risk of cross-contamination. Some tools, such as a mop, carry a ton of bacteria, especially when travelling from home to home.

Each house is different and has different bacteria, and particularly if you have children or pets, you won’t want tools used in another home introducing foreign bacteria, and vice versa. Beyond that, your actual house could have entirely different surfaces and require extra care, so we recommend having products specific to your home on hand.

Give the cleaner feedback


Take a look around your clean home and if you have any notes, don’t be afraid to let the cleaner know! An experienced cleaner will know that each house and client is different, and will be happy to take any requests for the next cleaning. This is the time to clear up any remaining questions the cleaner may have about how you’d like your home cleaned.  

On the Skep Home platform, homeowners also have the option to make a cleaner they previously booked their Favourite cleaner. As a Favourite cleaner, they show up first on the app if they are available for the next appointment the homeowner books. If they are not available, the last few cleaners that the homeowner scheduled are shown on the app, meaning you see a familiar face when you book with Skep Home.  

As long as you give honest feedback, and are clear with your cleaning instructions, Skep Home makes it easy to establish a relationship with your cleaner that will satisfy your home’s needs.

Check their satisfaction guarantees (if any)


Make sure that the company or cleaner you hire has a policy on what to do if you’re unhappy with your cleaning. Some companies offer discounts or free cleanings for next time, or for another cleaner to come and do a touch up to your liking.

When you book with Skep Home, we offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with your cleaning, and are willing to work with you to give you an excellent service every time.

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