How to Spring Clean Your Home: Tips from a Reliable Cleaning Service App

How to Spring Clean Your Home: Tips from a Reliable Cleaning Service App

Publish on March 25, 2020 By skephome
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How to Spring Clean Your Home: Tips from a Reliable Cleaning Service App

Spring brings with it a sense of newness and a fresh start to your goals.

It also reminds people that they need to get started on cleaning areas that they’d rather not touch.

Spring cleaning is all about focusing on the spots you forget about the rest of the year. Fortunately, you can get help from a reliable cleaning service app. We went over how to clean your home faster and more efficiently in our other blog post, but today we’ll be focusing on deep cleaning areas that take some time, but luckily don’t have to be cleaned daily.

Follow our guide below to see how you can spring clean your home, and how a reliable cleaning service such as Skep Home can help you get the job done much faster.

First steps to success


The first step to spring cleaning is to gather all of your supplies in one bucket, for easy transport between rooms. In addition to any cleaning products, you should have trash bags, a lint roller, and rubber gloves on hand. As well, get some microfiber cleaning cloths. They’re inexpensive, don’t leave streaks on glass surfaces, and many professional cleaners swear by them.

To kick-start, your cleaning, go from room to room and gather all of your linens that can go in the washing machine. This includes bedsheets, rugs, pillow covers, and shower curtains. Once you’ve removed all linens, you can work on decluttering your home by picking up any stray objects. Having a clean home also means having an organized home, and if everything is in its proper place, your home will actually become easier to clean.

Just like with regular cleaning, start at the top of the house and work your way down. In each room, scan the ceiling to see if there are cobwebs hanging out in the corners. Now is also the time to clean your ceilings, too. Get an extendable mop and clean your moldings, ceiling fans, and lights.

With these basic steps out of the way, consider hiring a cleaning service to really tackle all of the difficult areas in your home. With a reliable cleaning service such as Skep Home, you can have your home cleaned by trusted cleaners in your area. Skep Home has exclusive on-demand services. We are the only service that can have a cleaner at your home in 60 minutes or less, perfect for unexpected visitors or a last-minute event. Using the Skep Home app, you can add as many rooms and services as you’d like. Message your cleaner directly so they know exactly what you’re expecting from your spring cleaning.

How to deep clean your bathroom


Thanks to the decluttering you did earlier, deep cleaning your bathroom won’t be as taxing.

An area to pay attention to is the wall behind you when getting ready in the morning. This wall is the catches everything from hairspray to perfume, to makeup and other beauty products. Give it a quick wipe down to get rid of the coating.

Make sure to clean out all of the drawers and under the sink of your vanity. You can also take a vacuum with you and suck up any dirt or dust that may have settled. Doing this will also help you organize the vanity and throw out any expired or unused products you may be keeping.

Another area that can be overlooked is the bottom of the toilet bowl and the surrounding floor. Wipe the toilet bowl all the way down to the floor, as extra drops and dirt can make its way there.

Take extra care around your drains and prevent build-up by pouring vinegar into a plastic bag, then securing it with rubber bands around the showerhead.

The dirt buildup in these areas can actually be prevented if cleaned regularly by a professional cleaner. With a reliable cleaning service, you can schedule a cleaner for regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments. The Skep Home app is the only one that offers both instant cleaning services and scheduled appointments.

How to deep clean your kitchen


Your kitchen is filled with nooks and crannies that collect all sorts of crumbs and even grease from cooking. When spring cleaning, it’s important to wipe down these areas to ensure nothing is missed.

Pay attention to cabinet doors, drawers and shelves. Each surface is likely covered in dust, crumbs or grease and needs a good cleaning. Take out all utensils from drawers and dishes from cabinets and wipe everything down. You can lay a newspaper or cloth down so that for your next spring cleaning, you only have to remove them. The cabinets nearest your stove also tend to be dirtier than they appear. You may be surprised to see just how much dirt comes off on your cloth.

An often dreaded spring cleaning task is scrubbing your refrigerator inside and out. Take everything out of your fridge and freezer and store in a cooler if possible. Remove all the shelves and drawers and allow them to come to room temperature before wiping them. If you use hot water, it could crack the cool glass. Wipe the inside of the fridge of any spills. Return the cleaned shelves and throw out any expired or unused food before placing them back inside.

With all of these tasks, you may find you need help from a reliable cleaning service with regular kitchen chores such as cleaning your oven or doing the dishes. Both of these chores can be added onto your Skep Home cleaning easily using our house cleaning app. The price changes according to each service you add on, so you can make a decision before booking an appointment.

Items that often get overlooked



Make sure to let these cool down before you touch them, but it’s a good idea to clean your bulbs once in a while. The dust coating them could be preventing light from coming through, so after the clean, they’ll shine brighter. Wipe down light plates and shades as well.


Clean and dust your electronics, which are often covered with fingerprints and also have several crevices for crumbs to get stuck in. Spray compressed air to get into those tight crevices. Use microfiber cloths to clean screens, and wipe underneath speakers, DVD players, computers, and TVs to get rid of the dust.

Grocery bags

If you regularly use reusable grocery bags, good for you! However, most people often forget that these need cleaning too. Food and drinks get stuck to the fabric and can cause an odor. Just remember to include these in your laundry and you’re good to go.

Cleaning your appliances


Your larger appliances need to be cleaned every so often in order to work in optimal conditions. The good news is, many of these appliances come with a self-cleaning cycle.


Remove any food stuck to the bottom of the machine, then run a cycle with a specialty cleanser. See? Easy!

Washing machine

Disinfect your washing machine by running the washer cleaning cycle with some bleach. This could solve a number of issues including smelly laundry.


Dryer fires are often caused by lint-clogged machines, so cleaning your dryer is essential. Along with removing the lint after each load, you should suck up any lint that’s deeper in the machine with a vacuum. Also make sure to vacuum under, around, and behind the dryer to prevent any overheating.

Cleaning your cleaning supplies


Yes, even your cleaning supplies need to be cleaned, and now is the perfect time to do it! A dirty mop or vacuum won’t do the job half as well as when it’s fresh and clean.


Before you clean, grab a fresh bag for the vacuum ( or clean the bucket if you have a bagless vacuum), and wash the filters. Cut any threads or hairs stuck in the brush with scissors.


Swish the broom head around in warm, soapy water to get rid of unwanted dust and hair or vacuum it with the end of the vacuum hose.

Skep Home cleaners will use your cleaning supplies to prevent cross-contamination between houses. This method is healthier and you’ll feel safe knowing your home isn’t coming into contact with foreign bacteria or allergens.

Cleaning your bedrooms and living room


Your bedrooms and living room themselves are often overlooked and not cleaned as regularly as the other rooms in the house.

With Skep Home, you can request an extra service of laundry and making your bed, so these chores are taken care of, leaving your home fresh and clean.

Clean behind and under your furniture

To avoid moving your whole dresser, you can remove the bottom two drawers to reach the floor and vacuum there.

Clean the inside of your drawers, closets, and wardrobes

The shelves in a closet don’t often get a wipe down, so while you’re donating clothes during your declutter, give them a quick clean. The same goes for the inside of drawers in nightstands and dressers.

Clean your mattress

While the bedclothes are in the laundry, you can tackle the exposed mattress to give it a good clean. Press firmly on the top and sides of a mattress using a vacuum, then steam it using a garment steamer to kill any dust mites near the surface. Once dry, you can sanitize it further with a disinfectant spray.

Help from a reliable cleaning service app


Spring cleaning is a chance to give your home a fresh start so you can enjoy the warm spring and summer months ahead. To truly enjoy the good weather while it lasts, and reap the benefits of a clean home, it’s important to make time for consistent cleanings. Let Skep Home clean for you, and relax while we maintain the hard work you put into your home. Download the app for instant house cleaning services in Toronto, and get a reliable and background-checked cleaner at your home in 60 minutes or less.

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