Top 10 Tips to Follow for Cleaners

Top 10 Tips to Follow for Cleaners

Publish on December 21, 2020 By skephome
Top 10 Tips to Follow for Cleaners

Top 10 Tips to Follow for Cleaners

Whether you are a seasoned professional or looking to start making a living as a household cleaner, knowing where to start is often tough. To perform a high-quality service, several things need to be considered before arriving at booking, and then again before starting to clean.

The more prepared you are ahead of time, the better standard of cleaning you will be able to provide clients. This level of organization and professionalism will not only help build a strong rapport with the homeowners you work with but will also elevate your reputation as a cleaning professional. 

Choosing the appropriate cleaning products is only one of the initial steps you’ll need to follow when preparing for your bookings. Having effective cleaning tips on how to clean the home, communicating with the homeowner about their specific needs, and knowing how to prioritize the different tasks will be beneficial in your success as a professional cleaner.

Skep Home is an expert in affordable cleaning services and wants to ensure every cleaner is properly equipped with the tools they need to be successful. 

Learn how to develop strong relationships with your clients, create effective strategies for completing cleaning tasks in every home, and some bonus tips on things to avoid during your cleaning services


Prepare the house for cleaning before getting started

Before space can be properly cleaned it must be free of clutter, and any valuables should be stored in a safe place where they will not be damaged. When you first arrive, it is good to complete a full walkthrough of the home to help you get an idea of the priority tasks that may take additional time, and create a plan around those. 

It’s important to have easy access to your cleaning supplies the entire time you are in space. Ensure your products are well organized and can be easily transported throughout every room in the home. 


Communicate openly with the homeowner

Developing a strong rapport with the homeowner ahead of time is an important part of building trust. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the homeowner’s cleaning requirements before beginning the service.

Knowing the type of tasks they expect to be completed will allow you to create a plan that offers the best service possible for your client. 


Identify any special requests made by the homeowner

There will be times when the homeowner may have specific cleaning services they want to be performed or additional areas of their home that need to be cleaned.

You need to consider how these requests will fit into the plan for the existing list of cleaning tasks you have prepared. Will you need to schedule additional time to complete everything?

Can the special request be accommodated into your regular cleaning services? Do they qualify as additional cleaning, and potentially require an extra charge? 

Knowing the effect specific requests may have on your cleaning services will help you manage a homeowner’s expectations. Having a clear understanding of the cost, time and organizational impact additional cleaning tasks can have makes it easier to implement an effective plan from the beginning. 


Be punctual and arrive on time

Arriving on time is not only professional but also ensures you will have an adequate amount of time to complete all the cleaning tasks. Depending on the time available, and whether there are any special requests, you may want to consider arriving early when possible to connect with the homeowner before beginning. 


Use the right cleaning supplies/products for space

While there is a variety of cleaning supplies and products available, not every type will be effective in providing a high standard of cleanliness.

Skep Home recommends cleaners use eco-friendly, non-abrasive products to prevent any potential damage to surfaces throughout the home.

You must have a strong understanding of the cleaning supplies you are using and that you follow the instructions for use precisely, whenever required.

Some things to consider when selecting your cleaning products include:

  • Using eco-friendly, multi-purpose cleaners 
  • Having proper protective equipment, such as a mask and sanitizer, on hand at all times
  • Remember to include scrubbing sponges, rubber gloves, a spray bottle, retractable Mob or Swiffer, floor detergent, rags, and wipes


Some things to avoid when selecting and using your cleaning products are:

  • Using vinegar on stone countertops 
  • Mixing bleach with ammonia
  • Cleaning carpets with laundry stain remover


Always ensure you are applying your cleaning products to their intended purpose. Taking these additional precautions while providing your services helps protect the homeowners’ belongings from being damaged, and ensures all cleaning tasks are completed properly.


Wear comfortable, professional clothing

You should always come prepared to move around fairly easily, keeping in mind you’ll need to clean every surface of the house. Consider wearing clothing that is comfortable, appropriate, and suitable for completing the required cleaning services at the scheduled time. 

Be sure to wear a mask upon arrival, and throughout the booking to protect the safety of both yourself, as well as the homeowner. Having hand sanitizer with you is another great precaution to follow when ensuring personal safety during cleaning services. 


Remember to be respectful and professional

When you accept a cleaning job, it’s important to remember the space you will be cleaning is someone’s home and/or office.

Treating every room with respect is an essential part of providing a cleaning service. This includes avoiding damaging any valuables that are left out, using the proper tools and supplies for cleaning different surfaces, being mindful of the homeowner’s requests, as well as fulfilling the expectations of cleanliness that were agreed upon. 

In addition to respecting the spaces you clean, you want to also develop meaningful and professional relationships with your clients.

Some homeowners may be nervous about having someone else clean their home, and it is your responsibility to help alleviate that feeling as much as possible.

Remember to be friendly, and ask for clarification on any cleaning tasks or requests they may have before starting. Allowing the homeowner to be a part of the planning process can be beneficial in making the process easier for everyone. 

Both the cleaner, as well as the client, should have patience with each other while the services are being provided.


Complete cleaning tasks in an organized manner

Knowing where to start cleaning once you’ve entered a room can sometimes be a very daunting decision. The best approach is to evaluate the cleaning services required in that space, and then make a plan of how you will complete each one efficiently.

A good tip is to start from top to bottom, this way if any dust or dirt falls from above it will be gathered up once you have finished cleaning that space. Following a predetermined checklist of cleaning tasks to complete is another effective strategy for remaining organized during a booking.

Skep Home provides a prewritten list of cleaning tasks for each registered cleaner to use during their scheduled bookings. This ensures you have a plan to follow when providing the cleaning services, and makes it easier to manage your time throughout.


Avoid private areas or unspecified spaces in the home

Remember to protect the privacy of the homeowner, and be respectful of the spaces you are cleaning. Do not go into any area that is not designated to be cleaned, as well, avoid moving or going through any personal belongings. 

Build a rapport with clients

The better your relationship with your clients, the more bookings you will secure in the future. Skep Home allows homeowners to select their favorite cleaners directly on the app, and are notified when they become available for future bookings.

Connecting with your clients helps increase your chances of receiving more home cleaning jobs in the future, which is why it’s important to provide a high level of service.

Completing cleaning tasks to the expectations laid out, maintaining open communication with clients, and professionally conducting yourself makes it easier to earn more as a professional cleaner. 


Become a professional cleaner today with Skep Home

Finding cleaning jobs in your area is often difficult and time-consuming.

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